Stop SB 1120.Remove Single Family Zoning

Let’s Stop the State Legislature from Approving SB 1120, which Eliminates Single Family Home Zoning in California

SB 1120 is rushing toward approval in the California State Legislature. It could reach the Assembly floor as early as August 25, 2020. If we have any hope of stopping SB 1120, we must all contact our Assembly Members by Tuesday August 25th to let them know that we oppose the passage of SB 1120, and ask them to oppose it as well. If State Legislators do not hear from their constituents this devastating bill that promotes high density housing in all of our neighborhoods, regardless of current zoning, will pass.

You can find out how to contact your State Senator or State Assembly Member here:

Senate Bill 1120 will eliminate single family home zoning in California by allowing developers to buy single family home lots as small as 2,400 square feet, and subdivide or split a single lot into two equal parcels, and then each half could be turned into two separate duplexes, resulting in a total of four housing units on one single family home lot.
SB 1120 does not include provisions for yards or garages, and off-street parking requirements would be reduced to just one space per home. So where you once had one home, and two vehicles, you would now have four homes and eight vehicles, with provisions for only three extra parking spaces. Just imagine the parking nightmare residents would be subjected to if half of the single family homes on a block were converted to four homes per lot!

SB 1120 also allows local city governments to adopt ordinances to implement these urban and duplex lot conversions without being subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Without being subject to CEQA, the bill would prevent any environmental review of public health and safety, infrastructure, traffic congestion, utilities (water supply), sunlight, privacy, neighborhood character, and quality of life. It is unacceptable that the public would have to live with the consequences of housing projects that were not fully vetted and whose impacts were not mitigated.

It seems that the only ones who benefit from SB 1120 are the wealthy developers who will build these new market-rate homes, and the politicians who receive their campaign funds from the developers. It certainly does not benefit low income residents as it has no provision for low income housing, and it most certainly will cause gentrification and displacement of low income residents who reside in homes that are demolished to make room for market-rate housing.

This is still a democratic State, and we should have a right to choose the type of neighborhoods we live in. Please help send the message to Sacramento that we will not stand idly by while they pass laws that destroy our neighborhoods, and diminish the quality of our lives!

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Sign the petition to Protect Single Family Home Neighborhoods. Anyone in San Jose can sign it.

Or you can go to the Willow Glen Homeowners Association website and find it there.

Please pass the word and write to the entire city council, including the newly elected.

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing. How is this going to affect Almaden?

I believe it has already affected Almaden and individuals are building duplexes and multi-family buildings in anticipation that the new legislation will pass.

Six dwelling units can be fit on a SFH lot., and some neighbors are reporting that they are recently getting calls to sell their home to investors.

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A recommendation by the SJC General Plan Task Force could, if passed by the city council, eliminate all Single Family Home (SFH), Residential R1 zoning in the entire city, including Almaden. Which means anyone in the city who currently lives in a SFH neighborhood could have a large multi-unit (up-to 6 units) built next door with little to no set backs, little to no landscaping, little to no on-site parking and up to 35ft tall, maybe taller.

Join our group on Nextdoor. Here is the link

Please spread awareness, many people who live in San Jose are completely unaware this issue is coming to a vote by the city council. Learn more, tell your neighbors and friends who live anywhere in San Jose. It may not truly matter you or you may not realize the impact until it actually happens next-door to your own home. This is not someone else’s problem any more, its your problem.

Sign the Willow Glen Neighborhood Association petition. Anyone who lives in San Jose can sign. we need 10,000s of signers across the city. Thank you!