Reclaim your sovereignty

South Bay Area, where are my countrymen?

We need our fellow Americans!!!
“We the People” must unite to reclaim our sovereignty! Please join us, no matter your political, cultural, or general identity class, to come together in unity to fight for our inherent Liberty. Without freedom, how will you express your individual identity? Message me for more insight. Here’s our schedule for the week

Rise Almaden

Schedule for the week of 5/25 - 5/31

Time- 3:30-5pm
Location- Camden and mcabee

Time- 3:30-5pm
Location- Meridian and Coleman

Time- 3:30-5pm
Location- Coleman and Almaden expressway

Time- 3:30-5 pm
Location- Camden and Almaden expressway
*Second Event ( Say NO to Sarah Cody)
Time- 12-2pm
Location- 70 w hedding

Description -
Tell our local health director what you think about her destructive, and unethical abuse of power. Flags and signs. Media tends to be present.

Time- 3:30-5pm
Location- Blossom Hill and Camden

Time- 12-1:30pm
Location- Coleman and Almaden expressway

Sunday ( Recoup & Recruit )
Time- 12-1:30pm
Location- New Almaden

Sunday’s Goal
-To further plant the seed of liberty by contacting our community on a more personal level. Passing out flyers to the public, engaging in conversation in a neighborly like manner. Posting signs in key locations.

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Thank you for organizing this! You are a hero :man_superhero::us: