Letter to Supervisor Mike Wasserman re: Shelter in Place

Dear Supervisor Wasserman:

I am a voting resident of Santa Clara County Supervisory District 1.

As a county resident represented by you on the County Board of Supervisors, I would like to inform you of my concerns, shared by many of my fellow residents, about the County Department of Health’s extension of the Shelter In Place order until May 31.

State and County Health authorities have not justified the order on any grounds requiring a “state of emergency”. The fundamental justification for President Trump’s State of Emergency Executive Order signed on March13, 2020 was to protect the healthcare system from being overwhelmed and ceasing to function.

The state and county healthcare systems have not been overwhelmed, continue to function normally, and are fully capable of handling ALL local consequences of the coronavirus pandemic in the ordinary course of their day to day operations. There is no crisis that requires the extraordinary disruption of the lives of citizens that has been imposed by state and local emergency shelter in place orders.

As my elected representative to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, I request that you vigorously advocate for the immediate and complete termination of the state and county’s shelter in place orders and policies, and end their devastating personal, social, and economic consequences for our county.

I recognize that we are living in a climate of fear encouraged by partisan politics, or the desire to influence elections, or increase news media relevance, or create “clicks” and “likes” for social media internet sites, but the appropriate and necessary response to fear is leadership.

And this is a moment that demands strong and visionary leadership from elected public officials. The vision that is urgently needed at this moment is to confront the fear, oppose it, and reclaim a civic outlook that is based on science, knowledge, prudent judgement, and progress.

Your commitment and energy toward restoring the lives and livelihoods of District 10 residents will be appreciated.

Thomas G. Holford
San Jose, CA

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Thanks for doing your part, @tgholford! You are absolutely correct that the system has never been overwhelemd, despite the alarmist predictions. Elon Musk put together a chart proving this fact:

Hope this letter does not fall on deaf ears :slight_smile:

Agree. The info we get doesn’t give us evidence beyond a doubt that anyone knows what they are doing!

The one thing we have seen is that SIP time was used by politicians to push “affordable housing” projects, “homeless shelters” and 5G! Now we get to enjoy radiation from 5G known to affect your DNA! Someone explain how we have to deal with massive histeria, lack of reliable info, loss of a ton of rights while practically being bullied by the system we support! Who the hell thinks they have the right to implement 5G near schools?!?

Here’s an article:

I want confirmation of where this 5G was installed? Now SF and SJ have it!

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Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors has extended the emergency order requiring sheltering in place for another month.

Do you agree or disagree with extending the order?

  • County Supervisors should extend “shelter in place” emergency for a month
  • County Supervisors should end “shelter in place” emergency

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[Response from Supervisor Mike Wasserman, May 8, 2020]

I’ve been advocating for a quicker easing for the last several weeks. As you know the Board of Supervisors has no authority in this public health issue, but I am communicating with people 7 days a week and spoke for quite awhile at our last Board meeting (5/5). NBC and several papers reported that ‘Supervisor Mike Wasserman voiced concerns about the need to get people back to work.’ And quoted me as saying “We do know if we don’t let more people back to work sooner than later, our economy will effectively go on life support.”

Among other things I also said: I hope all small businesses can be allowed to reopen soon with simple conditions such as limited occupancy, masks and social distancing where possible, and grow from there. They might not thrive, but at least they will survive." We have to work our way out of this. I also said "I am extremely concerned about the economy and small busineses in particular. About the loss of jobs and businesses closing. About the effects this will have on families, economically, mentally and physically. We have to work our way through this.

My expectation from here is that we acknowledge there may or may not ever be a cure, and that either way, we must go back to work in as safe a way as possible, but still work. I also noted we still had to protect our most vulnerable in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

I hope this helps you better understand where I’m coming from now. That said, I am forwarding your email onto our PHD and EOC so they can read your comments as well.

Take care…M

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