Letter to Johnny Khamis re: Masks outdoors

Dear Councilmember Khamis:

Residents of District 10 have recently received information about the City of San Jose’s policy requiring residents to wear masks at all times when out of doors.

There is much confusion about what is required of citizens by the policy and the justification for the policy.

San Jose Police Chief has reportedly said that he will not cite residents for failing to comply with the policy.

Also, the policy is reportedly justified by the need to reduce the spread of coronavirus, and that the policy is “based on science” and “data driven”.

Widely available reports suggest there are many factors, known and unknown, contributing to the spread of the virus, and that the efficacy of wearing masks “at all times when out of doors” is unknown.

There are NO peer reviewed double blind studies that validate and quantify the public health benefits of wearing masks outdoors.

In short, there is NO science and NO data that supports the City’s policy. The policy appears to be based only on anecdotal information and the speculative policies of other public health authorities.

The City’s “masks must be worn outdoors” policy seems to be widely regarded as an ineffective overreaction that the City is not serious about and that it does not intend to enforce.

Residents of District 10 urge you to work energetically to rescind this policy.

Also, residents would appreciate your suggestions on how they can best respond to the policy so as to help the City Council understand the dissatisfaction and disagreement of residents.

Thomas Holford
District 10
Almaden Valley

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