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CORONA VIRUS PODCAST with Peter Hitchens

I enjoyed the following podcast from LRC:

People finding hospitals’ emergency rooms empty:

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Thanks for sharing these resources, Maria.

Yeah, it’s pretty creepy how the difference between the media narrative and the reality on the ground is diverging. For example, there are many videos on Twitter where people go to film their local hospital and find that it’s not busy at all:

Two empty hospitals in LA:

A fake “body truck” in NYC:

Empty hospital in Bellevue:

Many more here:

Also, why are official CDC pneumonia numbers way lower this year?

I was surprised to see how many empty emergency rooms there are. The MSM was saying that hospitals are swamped. They are not.

I also really enjoyed this perspective from an epidemiologist:

I started this site to discuss what is happening in California and specifically to small businesses. There is no mention in the MSM of the destruction of so many lives and careers. Many young people are losing their salons and businesses with their entire life savings in it. Also, the politicians are having a field day spending tax money and enjoying their power.

Now the grocery stores may be closed down for two weeks:

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It is interesting that observers travel around cities and note that the emergency rooms are nearly empty, meanwhile the TV news is saying the same rooms are swamped. Someone is not telling the truth.

Are the numbers exaggerated?

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One reason I am glad about Almaden Chat is it is one place to discuss current topics without deplatforming due to your own politics or opinions.

I am interested in everyone’s take on the current shutdown of the economy:

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I think many people have a lot at stake, and will not let things get too dire. And all the cooped up people getting cabin fever will only stay inside so long. And when the order is finally lifted, it will be like a dam bursting of people prepping, traveling, and buying land to grow their own food.

I agree. However, the guru of the virus (Neil Ferguson) has recommended an 18 month stop of all commerce except grocery stores.

They start out by saying it will be a few days but they really are lengthening it to 18 months. You can thank Bill Gates!

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" Alex Berenson Breaks Down the Broken and Completely False Coronavirus Models"

Broken and completely false coronavirus models

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This is weird, I thought the hospitals were over-capacity? It feels liike we are not getting the full story here

Thanks for sharing the link about broken models. Here’s a screenshot of “news” stories over time demonstraing the progression in the narrative:

Thanks for sharing the chart. Also found the article about the Army Field Hospital having no patients. We live in interesting times!

Martin Armstrong mentioned that doctors are being told, trained, and incentivized financially, to list every death as coming from corona.

There is a joke now in London that corona is a miracle cure for heart attacks. There are no longer any deaths registered as heart attack or cancer, they are all listed as “corona”

Governor Abbott Announces Plans to End Business Shutdowns

coronavirus was in California far earlier than anyone knew

And, since it has been here for months, there is much higher “herd immunity” than the public health experts recognize.


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